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What Do Water Monitors Eat?

Eating Water Monitor Animal

What do monitor lizards consume ... Whether their prey is dead once they find it or they hunt it themselves, the foodstuff which primary monitor ...

Water Monitor is an carnivore which extreme. This means that the lizard will consume about any animal it could eat see extra feedback so it believes.

They must be fed mostly insects, with natural chicken, mice, entire chicks, seafood, and eggs. Feeding water that s pet needs a varied diet and a ...

Water that is asian Varanus salvator is a large varanid lizard indigenous to South and ... such as the Komodo dragon, the water monitor will frequently eat carrion.

Asian water monitors are carnivores, and consume an assortment which wide of. They consume seafood, frogs, rodents, wild birds, crabs, and snakes. They Will Have already been recognized to consume ...


By Herman Edwards

Herman Edwards

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