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What Do Walruses Eat?

Eating Walrus Animal

Take a plunge that is deep learn all about the walrus from whatever they like to eat to the way they take care of their young. Click on this link for a library of walrus resources.

6. Walruses are hardly ever found in deep water. They prefer feeding at the bottom of superficial waters, consuming clams, molluscs, worms, snails, soft shell ...

Walruses consume a meal plan that comprises of clams, crustaceans, mollusks, shrimp, fish, and others. They re understood carnivores but they chase.. rarely.

Walruses choose a meal plan of mollusks, primarily bivalves like clams. These ocean which enormous may also dine on other marine bottom dwelling ...

Anyone trying to enjoy some meat that is walrus make sure it is completely prepared, officials state. Alaska has had two outbreaks of trichellosis ...


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