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What Do Triceratopss Eat?

Eating Triceratops Animal

Just what did Triceratops eat Triceratops were herbivores herbivores . Discover more about the plants that are cretaceous ate. In which did Triceratops live

Triceratopses had been herbivores or plant eaters. Throughout The Cretaceous that is late Period when they lived, the Triceratops had their choose among conifers ...

What did Triceratops consume ... Triceratops ended up being an herbivore, existing mostly on bushes as well as other plants. Its lips which beak like was matched ...

Tyrannosaurus bite markings are very well understood in the fossil bones of Triceratops but, up to now, such fossils will always be studied in an isolated ...

Strict vegetarians, Triceratops needed to do above nibble on a leaf or two to attain and maintain their adult weight of 3 5 tonnes.


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