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What Do Sirens Eat?

Eating Siren Animal

Some think that the Sirens are cannibals who consume the sailors that they lure over. Other People genuinely believe that the Sirens cannot offer ...

No. The mermaids like fresh meat that is peoples. While taking care of the movie, we did our research to understand which are the sirens habits. We Have Been ...

Exactly what do they appear like Greater sirens are shaped similar to salamanders, however their limbs that are front ... just what eats them and exactly how do they avoid being consumed

How do sirens kill There are numerous means sirens kill. A Mix Of their song that s haunting and stunning appearance causes sailors to be ...

I enjoy think sirens are a parasitic species which are entirely feminine require a man to replicate then kills and eats him after ward.


By Annette Solomon

Annette Solomon

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