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What Do Reticulated Pythons Eat?

Eating Reticulated Python Animal

Reticulated pythons are carnivores. Their diet that is natural includes and occasionally birds. Small pythons eat primarily rodents such as rats, ...

These pythons eat a broad array of animals as their prey including boar that is crazy wild birds, fish, rats, chickens, smaller primates inside their indigenous range in Asia, and ...

File photo close up of a Reticulated Python mind ... though they do sporadically eat reptiles, including crocodiles.

Fundamentally, reticulated pythons consume mammals. They will eat mammals as little a rat and also as large as an antelope. On zoo, pythons consume rats and birds which can be young.

As with any pythons, its a constrictor that s non venomous. Adult humans have been killed and in at least two reported cases, eaten by reticulated pythons.


By Annette Solomon

Annette Solomon

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