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What Do Percherons Eat?

Eating Percheron

Since Percherons are incredibly large, a lot needs to be eaten by them. Therefore it will be prudent to possess an idea of just how much your Percheron has to consume before you bring one home.

A Percheron typically consumes more than an horse that s average size. It could easily undergo 30 pounds of quality hay and 5 pounds of grain in a.. time.

You Will Find constantly exceptions, but Brown noted that feeding the price that s recommended of pounds of dry feed per 1,000 pounds of body weight is a ...

Just how do a Perclteron is fed by me Depending on how old they are and regular task that s real on a daily basis, an adult Percheron will eat 25 to 50 pounds of hay.

Percheron horses are effective draft horses which were when used ... Percherons are one of the biggest horses today, and therefore, eat more than ...


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