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What Do Mollys Eat?

Eating Molly

Molly fish mostly eat plant based foods. As they re perhaps not considered a algae eater that s great they do want to snack on it frequently.

In the wild, mollies are omnivores and feast upon tiny invertebrates, plant and algae matter. In The House aquarium, they should be given a good that s high ...

Exactly what Do Mollies Eat ... in the open, Mollies are omnivorous. While they do like their protein from pets, frequently insect larvae, little bugs, ...

Snorting MDMA has its issues including some risks which can be significant. It is slightly horrible, it tastes nasty and may damage the liner of one s nose, ...

Freeze dried brine shrimp, tubifex and and bloodstream worms are a supply that is exceptional of for your mollies. You can feed them meals which are freeze dried.


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