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What Do Hellbenders Eat?

Hellbender Eat On Lavender Background

The hellbender is generally nocturnal, spending all of the under stones on riverbed, emerging through the night to hunt day. Its diet is mainly crayfish, ...

Hellbenders eat primarily crayfish and fish, but have been recognized to occasionally consume bugs, tadpoles, and even other hellbenders including eggs .

They hunt like eels, lurking under hefty stones and lunging at crayfish, worms, and fish that s tiny. And their gullet is enormous they are able to swallow ...

A species which can be fully aquatic hellbenders have actually. ... Threats Reputation What Can Be Done Information Range Population Behavior Reproduction.

5. These are typically crayfish eating professionals. Almost 90 per cent for the hellbender s diet includes crayfish, but they additionally eat tiny fish, bugs, ...


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