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What Do Elephant Shrews Eat?

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Short eared elephant shrews consume a diet of ants, termites, fruits and tender shoots of young plants. Social Structure. This types is primarily solitary.

The elephant shrew consumes leaf litter invertebrates particularly ants, termites, beetles, spiders, millipedes, and earthworms. The.. unlike a number of other tiny mammals.

Elephant shrews, also known as jumping shrews or sengis, are little mammals which are insectivorous to Africa, belonging to the family Macroscelididae, inside ...

Elephant shrews are thought omnivores. Their diet primarily consists of bugs such as for example ants, termites, worms, spiders, centipedes, and ...

Rhynchocyon cirneicheckered elephant shrew Also checkered sengi ... Checkered elephant shrews are eaten using aspects of eastern Africa by people.


By Herman Edwards

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