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What Do Bongos Eat?

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Like other antelopes, these are typically herbivorous browsers that feast upon leaves, bushes, vines, bark, grasses, roots, cereals, bushes, plants, and fruits. Additionally They ...

The bongo is herbivorous folivorous, graminivorous , eating plant matter just. It eats leaves, origins, grasses, and bark, deciding to feed through the inside .. night.

Bongos consume leaves people which are especially young, flowers, twigs, thistles, garden produce and cereals. They use their tongues which are long reach for the leaves and ...

The bongo Tragelaphus eurycerus is a herbivorous, mostly nocturnal woodland ungulate. ... bongos habitat thought that they would .. when they ate or touched bongo,.

When operating from a predator, they are doing therefore with their head up and back, so their horns don t get into the forest that s thick and plants.


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