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Lifespan Of Dugongs None?

Old Dugong Animal

The dugong is a marine mammal. It is certainly one of four living species associated with purchase Sirenia, ... Along With Its lifespan that is very long of years or higher, and slow price of reproduction ...

Scientific Name Dugong dugon. Type Animals. Diet Herbivore. Group Name Herd. Normal Life Span In The Open 70 years. Size 8 to 10 feet.

as well as other non biodegradable materials abound inside areas that are coastal. ... Inspite Of The longevity regarding the dugong, which might live for 50 years or higher, ...

The dugong is among the few marine that s herbivorous still ... have established protected parks for dugongs that no one can hunt in.

Some grazers being organisms primarily large manatees, dugongs, ... to some recent losings, though none as catastrophic like in the 1930s.


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