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Lifespan Of Black Swans None?

Old Black Swan Animal

The Lindy effect is a phenomenon that s theorized that the future endurance of some non perishable things, ... Nassim Taleb introduced a version of Mandelbrot s concept within the Ebony Swan ...

Black swan occasions are not driven by life history e.g., lifespan but by ... S1 and none regarding the data points which were later considered activities being black swan.

Based On Taleb s criteria, An Ebony Swan Event is a shock, ... Individual longevity is because of genetics, age, sex, ethnicity and environment ...

Humans construct stories to describe occasions to see habits in information whenever none occur, considering illusion of understanding narrative fallacy . 3.

In this manner, individual error becomes force majeure, recklessness becomes misfortune, and irresponsibility becomes fate. There s nothing that can be ...


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Rebecca Mendez

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