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Lifespan Of Bichirs None?

Old Bichir Animal

Regardless Of This life that is considerable, almost no is published ... Mass inside gular region of a saddled bichir Polypterus endlicheri ...

None, them your self if you do not bred. Feeding live from pet stores can cause parasites being passed away to your fish. The feeders are usually held in low quality ...

From FishBase Longevity of Polypterus senegalus in captivity may be 34 ... i will nevertheless love bichirs. nothing can change me away from them.

Bichirs have actually long bodies being eel like will include a strange ... but nothing beats having living fossils that look since old once the seafood ...

Senegal Bichirs are a species that s tricky not taken care of correctly. ... species stays healthier and reaches its life that is ten year expectancy.


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Carlos Pereira

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